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Welcome to Gao's Lab in the School of Physics at Nanjing University. We are focusing on CVD growth, characterization and application of different kinds of two dimensional materials, like graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, superconducting or quantum materials in two dimension.

Latest News

Dr Jie Xu, Research associate joined us. Welcome!

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Latest Publication

"Growth of environmentally stable transition metal selenide films"
Huihui Lin, Qi Zhu, Dajun Shu, Dongjing Lin, Jie Xu, Xianlei Huang, Wei Shi, Xiaoxiang Xi, Jiangwei Wang* and Libo Gao*

Nature Materials, 18, 602-607 (2019) | Download ()

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New Member

Jie Xu

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New Equipment

ICP-CVD cluster, 2 sets | Located at 118, Physics Building

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